Philip and the Ethiopian

First have a leader read Acts 8:26-40

As Philip was called to a place where a great revival had begun. He knew he was suppose to be there because he heard the Lord tell him to go. It was when he was suppose to leave that he must have had a hard time believing it. He was sent to teach the Gentiles about this new God they had not been told about before and they accepted the Lord's word and became believers. If Philip left there would be no one to teach the new converts and they might backslide. Surely the Lord wouldn't want Philip to leave at this crucial time?

In these days of Gods anointing pouring out on both the Gentiles and Jews, the Apostles moved about the countryside as the Lords Spirit guided, but it took the Lords angel to tell Philip to go down a road where nothing was going on. When he heard the Lord's command he went and saw an Ethiopian reading God's word. He explained the meaning of the words the Ethiopian read, and the Ethiopian excepted the Lord as his savior. Historians believe all of Africa experienced a great move of God during the next years as a result of Philips hearing and obeying Gods words, and telling the Ethiopian about this God which he knew nothing about.

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